About us

Animal Welfare In Amritsar

Animals Welfare NGOs in Amritsar is a big organization working for animals. It has taken a
step towards Animal welfare in India. The whole team is caring towards animals services. We 
take care of animals in all aspects and look after all their basic needs.

Our Working Hours

Everything related to animals' welfare is available at our NGO. Our services are available for 
all the time. One can easily access us by given our Website. Moreover, people can also find 
us through social links like Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. We are working in all areas 
of Punjab.

What we do

We have saved thousands of animals' life till now. And still trying our best to improve our work.
I want to reach in all corners of India and save all inhabitant animals. May I achieve my target 
in the coming year. It will be a drastic change to the economy of India.

Feeding a Cub

What Is Our Planning

Our Humane Society in Amritsar has planned to target all the areas of India in a series and 
then patrol in all regions with complete planning and preparations. We want to save the animals
 as much as possible. We are growing day by day in all regions and also distributing ideas 
amongst people to save animals and keep their society neat and clean.

Losing Animals in India

Nowadays the number of animals is decreasing from our world day by day. There are several
 reasons for the loss of animals like starvation, abuse by humans, prey by humans for food, 
leather, joy and many more.


Killing of Animals

There are many cuisines available in the market then why people kill animals for their food?
 I think it should be banned. There are many Fabrics to wear then why people kill animals to
 wear leather only. Many games and sources of entertainment are available nowadays. But 
still, people love to play with the life of animals. Abused animals are suffering from all these 
factors of pain.

The cruelty of Human Beings upon Animals

All these human activities are losing animals from our country. I think Govt. should strictly ban 
it. Only strict laws can stop this cruelty against animals. Humane Society in Amritsar is taking 
a step for animals. Be vegetarian and be a human being. Don’t decide the fate of animals for your 
selfishness. Stop the animal killing.

Strict Actions By Shelters for Animals in Amritsar

Our team patrol on highways and all the rural areas. Wherever we see the abused animals we 
take a strict step for them. We have successfully filed the cases against persons who do misuse 
of animals for their personal needs. As we know prey of animals is banned by govt but still people 
do it. We have charge a file for these like cases also.

All our steps for animals are taken under the surveillance of Chairman Of Punjab and all other 
higher authorities. And i am sure Govt will take it serious for the welfare of animals.


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