Our Activities For Animals

Importance of animal welfare world

Wildlife is a beauty of our world. And it is losing day by day. Human beings are responsible for
it. Some People harm animals for food, prey, leather, and many more benefits. But it is illegal.
Nobody has a right to decide someone’s fate. People should avoid it and support animal
welfare society to the beauty of our world.

Responsibilities of NGOs in Amritsar

We do numbers of things for animals welfare in Amritsar. Our team is working in the
complete area of Punjab. They pick all homeless animals from the way and take them to
our NGO. First of all our doctors do their medical checkup after that, they are given
treatment if required. Then we provide them food and shelter. Our whole team is very
caring about animals. Everyone does its best to keep them safe and happy. Our team is
very dedicated towards this kind work.

Farm Ecosystem in Animal welfare in Amritsar

As all animals eat different kinds of food, we have arranged all the management for their feed. 
We grow food for herbivores animals. It is a healthy and fresh diet for them. In the same 
manners, all animals eat only healthy food according to their requirement. It is easy for them to 
ntake it and they enjoy it too. We say No to non-vegetarian food so that we give only vegetarian 
food to the animals at Animals NGO in Amritsar.

Farm Economy For Animals

Adoption Of Animals

Adoption of animals is actually a good idea instead of buying. One can also adopt animals from  
Animals NGO in Amritsar. We provide only healthy and fit animals to people. But here is a 
short procedure for that. One have to sign the agreement to save the animals with complete 
care. Only after that one can adopt animals from here.

Awareness In People For Welfare Of Animals

We are organizing camps on special occasions in which we aware people about the 
importance of healthy living off animals. If animals stay healthy, it will be beneficial for us in 
several ways. One Of the most important awareness for people is to be vegetarian. There are 
many benefits of being a vegetarian.

According to medical research, Vegetarian food is easy to digest. It gives many nutrients and 
doesn’t harm the good health. However, eating chicken can cause various diseases. 
Non-vegetarian food increases fat in human beings. It may cause heart issues.

On the other hand, Vegetarian people face fewer health issues as compared to non-vegetarians. 
The immune system of vegetarian people is stronger than non-vegetarians.

Special Thanks by the team of Animal NGO in Amritsar

We are thankful to God, to make able us for these services. We organized an animal welfare
board in Amritsar. And our one step is saving the life of many animals. And it makes us
proud of our work and our nation. Saving Fauna is like saving natural resource of our earth. 
Fauna adds beauty to our world and also give us food like Milk is a nutritious and healthy food 
which we take from cows.


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