Aims And Objectives

Main Objective of Animal Daring World in Amritsar

Our goal is to reach in all corners of India and Find ill, homeless, starve and needy animals. 
We preserve the beauty of wildlife. We also produce some food from animals like milk from 
the cow, buffalo, and goat. We get eggs from the hen. Hair of Sheep is also used to sell in the 
market. We supply these products produced from animals in the market and earn money. This
 money is used for the animals at Animal Welfare NGO in Amritsar.

Proper health care of Animals

We provide proper healthcare facilities to all animals at Animal NGO. A better life is given to 
them so that they can enjoy living. We also concern with animal specialist Dr. for the healthy
tips for animals. Every day animals get different food. And the food is always healthy and 

Healthcare of animals

Prevention Of Animals

Vaccination is given to all the animals for prevention at the time of their admission at our NGO.  
Animal Shelters in Amritsar has an ambulance working for 24 hours. It is used to deliver the 
sick animals to the hospital. In case of emergency, animals are shifted to the hospital quickly 
without any delay. Their lives are very special to us so that we like to save them at the correct
We like to stay in regular touch with Dr. to remove all last moment harassments.

Suffering Animals

NGO For Animals in Amritsar is set up for the promotion of Animal welfare generally and to 
protect animals from unnecessary pain and suffering. We raise our voice against the cruelty 
against them. So we help them to make their life easy and cheerful. Our Organization is called 
as Animal Daring World because all the animals here live without hesitations and fear of 
anyone. They live freely and independently.

Make City Disease Free

Sometimes homeless animals become a reason for unwanted diseases in our city. They eat 
garbage and get ill. There living in our surrounding may harm us. It can infect the air and then 
spread in human beings. Their attacks are also dangerous for human beings.

Poverty free India

By providing Jobs and Food to old and uneducated people in our country, we can remove 
some poverty from the world. It will help people to decide their bright future. They can make 
their children future bright which will make our nation proud.

Utilization of Waste Food

Generally people through the extra food in the dustbin. But they should learn to save it, as we 
know it is a precious thing given to us by God. We are working on this project too. Our vans 
are moving in the local area all the time. People can donate this extra food to these vans.  
People can also give fresh and uncooked food for animals. They will also get a receipt from them 
for donation.


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