Animal Events

Animals Events at Animal Shelters in Amritsar

We celebrate Animals Day at our NGO in Amritsar. We dedicate this day to the welfare of 
animals of the world. Animal Welfare should become a Global phenomenon so that we are 
delivering this message in all corners of the world. It is gaining importance in India at a rapid 

Rescue Operations For Animals

Everybody is doing it from the depth of their heart. The stories of rescue operations and 
random acts of kindness continue to pour in from all over. People like to contribute more and 
more to raise the standards of their society. They donate for animal welfare. Let's take a look 
at the dedication of People for Animals in Amritsar to making needy animals safe, happy 
and healthy again.

treatment camp for animals

Voice for Abused Animals

Our team works  for needy animals. We provide them shelters, medical facilities and treatment 
camps. We also work on Disaster rescue missions. We strictly say NO for the smuggling of 
animals for slaughter. We also raise our voice against the films that abuse animals.

Some Steps by Animal Welfare NGOs in Amritsar for animals security

  • Animal Welfare NGO has taken a step against cattle smuggling.
  • Animal Welfare NGO raises voice against misuse of animals.
  • We provide emergency first aid, medical treatments, food and housing to animals 
  • that are affected by natural disasters.
  • We check circuses to ensure the welfare of animals.
  • Our team patrols highways to check against smuggling of animals for slaughter.
  • We organize humane camps in all regions of India so that we can help more and more 
  • animals.
How To Help Animals?
Some people are like that who want to help animals, but they don’t know what to do and how 
to do. Those people can donate to animals on our website or call us. People can also join us 
for the welfare of animals. Numbers of jobs are available here. One can choose any service 
according to his choice. We will also provide wages to needy people in the form of salary.
Here are many options for people to contribute like they can
⇾ Donate here
⇾ Do service with no payment
⇾ Do a job for wages.

Name and details of all contributors are listed here in our record. We maintain the record of all 
the moments occurs at our NGO. Charity plays a big role in the development of animals at our 
NGO. It includes many things like food, clothes, medicines, money and many more.  So that 
people can contact us anytime without any hesitation.

Founder of Shelter in Amritsar

I am the founder of this shelter and sanctuary in Amritsar, Punjab. I noticed the dire conditions 
of animals I started to think about an organization for animals in India. I begin the Animal 
Welfare World in 2018 which is growing rapidly, and treating over 5000 animals by this year. 
I have volunteers from all parts of India. Check out my website for the most incredible rescues
our team did.


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