Thursday, May 31, 2018

Complete Guide On Importance of Animals By Animal Welfare NGO in Amritsar

Who we are?

Animal Welfare NGO In Amritsar is a big organization for animals situated in the city center 
of Amritsar. Around 3000 animals are living here. We produce food for them and give our best to 
keep them healthy and secure. We are doing animals services at national level. We believe in, 
Live and Let Live! Everyone has a beautiful life. Then why don’t we let animals to live happily? 
Why do people misbehave with street animals? It’s the bullshit to harm homeless animals. And 
we should avoid it.

Benefits Of Animals

We have a lot of benefits of animals. They are beautiful creatures of nature. Cows give us milk, 
Hen gives us eggs, Sheep gives us woolen, Bones of animals are used to make utensils and 
artificial jewelry, and the skin of animals is used to make leather and many more.

It has been proved that the cow dung is mosquito repellent, so we use it in the cleanup of 
shelters in Animal Welfare NGO. It is also good at organic manure. Most people use it in their
crops as a fertilizer. If animals are giving us all these benefits then why people mistreat them?

Milk Production

Misuse of Animals

People misbehave with animals for their benefits. They kill animals for their skin, bones, and 
food. It is good to use the skin and bones of animals after their death. But it is wrong to kill them
for the sake of your business. It should be ban by Govt. Prey of wild animals is strictly banned 
but till people do it. Govt should pass strict laws against the killing of animals so that people 
can avoid murder of animals. People For Animals in Amritsar has been successfully filed 
cases against animal killers.

Why To save Animals?

We learn a lot from the living standards of Animals. They teach us how to love unconditionally. 
They become a bridge between human beings and nature and connect us back to who we are, 
and to the purpose of why we’re here. Animals are the beauty of nature.  And we should save 
this beauty of our world.

Animals give us many benefits as I discussed above. They work as a natural resource for us. 
They add the beauty to our world. Without animals, there is no wildlife. And without wildlife our 
world is incomplete. So we should save animals for the purpose of the beauty of wildlife and 
our profits also.

Why to choose Animal Shelters in Amritsar

Animals NGO in Amritsar is providing many facilities to animals. Animals enjoy living here as 
we give them shelters with their genre animals. They can play with their age group animals. 
We occur events for them. They enjoy eating different food every day. Only Nutritious food is 
given to them to keep them fit and healthy. They can live here independently. They don’t need to 
afraid of anyone. Our organization is a heaven for animals as we provide them all the basic and 
featured requirements to live a happy life. Airy and big shelters are given to all animals to make 
them comfortable. It is a safe zone for homeless animals.

Animals at NGO for Animals in Amritsar

How To Save Abused Animals?

Animal Welfare NGO in Amritsar is providing all living sources to homeless animals. It is a
large organization working for all the animals in India. It is not only working in Amritsar. But also
in complete Punjab including cities like Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Bathinda, Patiala, Pathankot, 
Firozpur, Hoshiarpur, Phagwara, Faridkot and many more.

People who want to contribute to services of  animals welfare they can follow the following 

How To Contribute?
If you are looking to make a contribution to animals welfare you can do several jobs. Like
  • You can call us to save a beautiful life.
  • You can donate money at our NGO for animals in Amritsar.
  • You can join us.
  • Visit us and contribute to animal welfare services.
  • You can also suggest us for improvement.

Ambulance For Animals

A 24 hours ambulance service is available at our Humane welfare society. It is working for 
the complete day to transport the sick and injured animals to hospital. It covers all the areas of 
Punjab. Anybody can call us anytime without any hesitation.

Target To Achieve

Our main target is to keep city and surroundings clean, save fauna, remove poverty, and aware 
people about the importance of animals. The team People for animals in Amritsar is doing its 
best on it.


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