Tuesday, June 5, 2018

What Is The Role Of Animals In The Beauty Of Our World?

What is the role of animals in human beings’ life?

Animals are innocent and lovely by nature. They are the symbol of love. They teach us how to
affectionate with others. They also teach us to live in unity. Animal Welfare NGOs in Amritsar 
is Thankful to God to make us able to save animals and learn the rules to live from them. 
According to Psychology effects, the very first rule of living is love and unity. And every human
should learn it from these beautiful souls.

The Beauty Of Wildlife

Animals are a beautiful part of nature. Flowers, Trees, Grass and Air everything is required and
wonderful part of our environment. In the same manner, The Animals and birds are a beautiful 
part of nature. They are the beauty of wildlife. They add the beauty to our nation too. That’s why 
it is important to save the wildlife. NGO for Animals is regularly doing rescues for abused 

Beauty of wildlife

Maintenance Of Wildlife

Animals are very good at the maintenance of wildlife. They conserve all the resources safe and
also teach us how to use our natural resources. They maintain the environment of forest in a 
very good manner. In fact, they live in unity with their companions. The living standards of 
animals are much better than us.

Law against the Harassment Of Animals

The harassment of animals by human beings is a very bad thing actually, and it should be ban.
People keep them in the circus and make money from them, which is actually against the law.
It is a kind of misuse of animals. They are made to live in forests. So govt. should ban the 
animal shows in the circus. All the animals should be kept in jungles so that the environment 
cycle can move regularly. NGO for animals in Amritsar has raised its voice against the 
violence of animals.

Animal Harassment

What Should We Do To Reserve the Beauty Of Nature?

We have a lot of things to keep our environment safe. First of all, the government should pass
some strict laws against the harassment of animals. Everyone who hurt animals for the sake 
of their selfishness, he should be punished by govt.

Secondly, Animals Welfare NGO In Amritsar is providing shelters, medical facilities, and food
and all required services to all homeless animals. I think everybody should support us to keep 
the environment clean. People can donate money or food for animals at our NGO so that we 
can continue our work.

At last, we should change our behavior towards animals. We should avoid to abuse animals. 
We should help them to live joyfully. If we harm animals, we are destroying our environment 
too.  Because injured animals will spread diseases in our environment, which can harm us 
through the air we intake. So we should protect animals to keep healthy ourselves.


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