Thursday, June 21, 2018

Impacts Of Human Behavior On The Living Of Animals

Should we save wildlife? Can we save Wildlife? How To save wildlife? Is It Important To 
Save Wildlife? What are the reasons behind saving wildlife?

Spirit of Indian Religions

Indian Customs teach us the lessons of kindness, sacrifice, donate, charity, affectionate and
forgiveness. India is a multi-religion country. And every religion has a history of all these 
lessons. We should learn the behavior of non-violence and begin the journey of goodwill. Here 
are many needy lives all around the world. May we can’t help the living beings of the universe. 
But if we save the lives of our particular region, it is not less than universal rescue.

God has created nature which includes livings and non-living. Human beings have all the 
capabilities to do work and earn to fulfill their needs. But what about other creatures? I mean to 
say here “Animals.” Animals can’t earn for food and shelters. So there should be People For 
Animals to save them by arranging some food and shelters for them.


Can We Save Animals?

Animals get ill because of unhealthy food or environmental changes, so if they don’t get 
treatment on time, they may die also. So we should also arrange medical facilities for them. 
If we provide all the required facilities to animals obviously, we can save them easily.

How To Save Animals?

Now, the question is that there are many animals in a particular area. Then how to save all of 
them? It is very easy if we set a goal to protect all the homeless and needy animals. If every 
person or every house take the responsibility to be a self-sustaining, animal protecting unit, 
then there is no need for any Animal Welfare NGO as such.

But it is quite risky to let people take care of the animals besides their home. Not everybody is 
interested towards the welfare of animals. Even nowadays people show their cruelty against 
animals for different reasons including chicken, leather, bones, prey, circus, and many more. 
To remove this cruelty of humans against animals, we organized Shelters for Animals in 
Amritsar. People can drop the homeless animals at our NGO or inform us about the situations 
through call or website to save an animal. Our organization is a wave of promising animal 
Animal Welfare NGOs Stand For All Animals

What About Animal Welfare NGOs IN Amritsar?

Our NGO launched in 2018, Amritsar. It is a non-profit organization providing professional care 
to injured, sick, and orphaned animals so that they can survive happily.

We have professional caretakers and doctors for animals who assess and diagnose a variety 
of injuries and illnesses. We have trained our team members for physical therapy and basic 
first aid. They are also aware of the dangers the animal might present to the rehabilitator. They 
organize animals rescue operations in different regions of Punjab. They also aware people 
about the animals welfare.


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